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With long-hour desk jobs at an all-time high, the majority of our population is faced with neck and back problems, all originating from something as simple as incorrect posture. Here at Strack, we are on a mission to change the lives of millions of people by providing an innovative, science-based, and AI-driven posture correction device that helps you track, train, and manage your posture.

From One To The Millions

Strack was launched by Amir Valani in 2019, after the realization of the burden that incorrect posture had on his father's health. After seeing one of his closest people suffer from chronic back pain, and later, neurological issues originating from his distorted spine, Amir took matters into his own hands. He decided to help millions of people headed in the same direction as his father correct their posture, strengthen their back muscles and stop the health decline triggered by slouching.

And that's how Strack was born.

Not Just Another Posture Corrector

We've launched Strack after carrying out extensive research into the human spine, how it affects our overall health and wellbeing, and how we can develop an innovative way to train ourselves to sit upright. We did not want to bring yet another posture corrector into the market, improved only by shape or design - our goal was to find a groundbreaking solution to using science and technology to help millions of people achieve the perfect posture.

A Solution Ahead Of Its Time

With the launch of Strack, we disrupted the market by bringing in a product that uses cutting-edge technologies and exceeds others by its innovative design and exceptional usability. Strack is lightweight, invisible under clothing, and completely strapless, making it perfect for everyday use. Strack's AI-operated technology allows the user to connect it to their mobile device for uninterrupted posture training and management.

Unlimited Use

Strack's inventive design and engineering solutions allow its users to wear it without the usual short-lived adhesives. Instead, Strack can be worn on any clothing by securing it with a durable magnet that can be reused a limitless number of times.

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